GenerationNext: Task Mastery
GenerationNext: Task Mastery

Task Mastery: Get the Right Things Done to Work Well and Play More!

Presented by Marcey Rader


Do you need ways to be more efficient at work and home to have more free time?
It's never just the system, but also the behavior, that makes task mastery effective. Getting tasks done is not the answer. Getting the right tasks done at the right time, efficiently and effectively, is what matters.

Are you working on your busyness or your business?
Life is more than checking boxes. This session will give clear, actionable steps on what to do with that never-ending task list and how not to just be productive, but effective. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Improve focus to rest your brain and reduce decision-fatigue
  • Create time and tech boundaries for increased presence and attention
  • Outsource creatively within your personal and professional budget
About Marcey Rader
Marcey Rader is an award-winning, top-rated, high-impact speaker who packs presentations with actionable advice and real-world wisdom, decluttering the mind, body, and business, one habit at a time. As a sought after productivity coach and accredited health and wellness expert, she's also the founder of Rader Co. where individuals and businesses kick their lifestyles back into balanced gear - without sacrificing health. Her speaking roster's alive with engagements for Fortune 100 companies, startups, and everyone in between. From North Dakota to Dubai, manufacturing to biotech. Clients learn to escalate their energy, conquer the calendar, master tasks, and extinguish email. Her latest book, Work Well. Play More! Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living - One Step at a Time goes beyond the inspirational narrative to focus on simple, tangible tools and practical steps for gaining time and decluttering the body and mind.



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