Relationship Essentials
Having Great Conversations
This video course is meant to teach you how converse in an effective and confident manner, whether it be in casual small talk or formal business discussions. It comprises four video lessons that cover topics ranging from getting in the conversational mindset to achieving productive conversations. These communication skills are vital for anyone wanting to succeed in business.

Building Great Relationships
Among other things, a relationship is “the WAY in which two or more people, or organizations, regard and behave towards each other.” Ultimately, your success or failure in relationship-building depends on your ability to successfully reach out to a wide range of people. That is what this video course is all about.

Building Strategic Relationships
Strategic relationships focus on long-term personal benefits with an emphasis on career and personal development. This video course covers planning, launching, and expanding these valuable connections. In this video course, you will learn how to strategically start a relationship, provide valuable offerings to somebody, and also learn how to build effective relationships in which both parties benefit.
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