7 Secrets for Making Yourself Memorable

7 Secrets for Making Yourself Memorable
Women in Plastics Virtual Series: 7 Secrets for Making Yourself Memorable
Presented by Wendy Gates Corbett

Learn the Language of Powerful Presenting
Whether we’re talking with a colleague, meeting with a prospect, or speaking in front of an audience, we’re always presenting ourselves. What kind of impression are we making? Using practical, real-life examples, this interactive program shares seven verbal, body, and slide language secrets that will amplify your ability to influence and make the powerful impression you want.

Participants will:
  • Learn how to choose and use the right words to influence your audience
  • Practice body language that conveys a confident, commanding presence
  • See strategies for creating compelling, engaging presentation slides
About Wendy Gates Corbett
A respected, sought-after leader and speaker, Wendy Gates Corbett has spent 20 years designing, delivering, and directing over 1,000 training programs and teams of trainers. In an ah-ha moment, Wendy realized that being an impactful presenter requires more than being an amazing speaker—you also need materials that amplify (and don’t squash) your message.

Wendy is the proud author of the TD@Work, “5 Questions for Great Presentation Visuals”, and a contributing author of three books. Wendy serves on the board of directors for the Association for Talent Development, is a charter member of the Presentation Guild and Black Women in Business, serves on the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Advisory Board and Black Women in Business and for City Club Raleigh’s Business Alliance Advisory Board.

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