Webinar: Thermoplastic Valves and Actuation

IAPD e-Training Webinar: Thermoplastic Valves and Actuation

This presentation gives an overview of the options of thermoplastic valves along with their benefits and limitations. It addresses what markets they work well in and what type of valves work best for given applications.

The content covers features and accessories available that can enhance the safety aspects of working with valves in automated and corrosive fluid handling environments.

How to properly choose the right thermoplastic valves for your fluid handling needs:

Markets Served by Thermoplastics

  • Cooling
  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Micro Electronics
  • Life Sciences
  • Marine

Plastic Valve Material Options

  • The variety of plastics that are used in industrial fluid handling
  • Benefits of plastics over metals
  • Joining technologies options for a given plastic
  • Elastomer and seal options

Valve Options

  • Selecting the right valve for your application
  • Benefits and limitations of different type of valves
  • Manual valve options
  • Automating existing valves
  • Electric Actuation
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • On/off vs. set point control
  • Accessory options

The Thermoplastic Valves & Actuation webinar is presented by Dave Vollaire of GF Piping Systems, a division of Swiss-based Georg Fischer RLS AG.


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