Webinar: PVDF Technologies Designed for Water Applications

IAPD e-Training Webinar: New Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Technologies Designed for Water Related Applications

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) is well known for continuous high temperature performance, long-term sunlight resistance, chemical resistance over a broad range of chemical families, low flame and smoke generation during fire testing and regulatory compliance for FDA, USP and NSF(R) applications. PVDF continues to be used in high purity deionized water, chemical waste water, potable water and WFI systems in biotech applications.

New technologies associated with PVDF allow it to broaden the target applications of this fluoropolymer by:

  • Reducing the density of the product to the point that PVDF can now float
  • Extrusion bonding technologies that allow PVDF to be a contact surface but supported by less expensive polymer substrates
  • Flame and smoke ratings that allow an FDA compliant PVDF with no additives to be used as an ASTM E84 25/50 rated material
  • Extrusion and lamination bonding technologies that allow PVDF to be a contact surface but tied to other materials that give great flexibility and impact performance
  • PVDF copolymers that are listed to NSF 51 and 61
  • New products for filtration including woven and non-woven fabrics

This webinar presentation will detail these new applications for PVDF in water processing. David Seiler, Sean Stabler and Rosemary Heinze, Arkema Inc., present the webinar.


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