Webinar: Science of Solvent Welding

IAPD e-Training Webinar: Science of Solvent Welding

With an exceptional track record over a 60-year span, an incredible cost/performance ratio (0.6 percent of a PVF bill of material) and its easy to use application method, solvent cement for PVC, CPVC and ABS systems seems to have no secrets for anyone anymore...or does it?

The truth is that if this easy to use, inexpensive product is not understood, selected and used correctly, the entire piping system is in jeopardy of not operating at all.

  • What makes a good cement good?
  • How does the process actually work?
  • How does the quality (material and dimensions) of pipe and fitting affect the end result?
  • How should the right product be selected for the right application?

This presentation will take an in-depth look at these questions and what the expected results are when the right elements come together.

Fabio Castellani, vice president of international sales and marketing for Weld-On® Adhesives, a company of IPS Corporation presents this webinar.

About Fabio Castellani: Fabio has over 30 years' experience in worldwide engineering sales and specifications and his broad expertise includes chemical and thermal bonding materials and equipment, thermoplastic materials, manual and actuated valves, high purity piping systems, acid waste and return air plenum rated acid waste systems.


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