Webinar: An Introduction to Thermosets
Webinar: An Introduction to Thermosets

IAPD e-Training Webinar: An Introduction to Thermosets (or there really isn't a material called G-10 Phenolic)

This introductory presentation will give you and your team a better understanding of how thermosets differ from thermoplastics. It covers many types of thermosets along with the various applications and markets where they are used.

Specifically, the presentation will detail the following:

  • Thermosets vs. Thermoplastics: what's the difference?
  • Why thermosets are different from plastics
  • What types of thermosets are there
  • G-10 and FR4, G-11, G-9, G-7, canvas, linen and paper phenolic
  • Physical properties of Thermosets
  • Material shapes
  • Rod (molded and sheet)
  • Sheet
  • Tube
  • How thermosets are made
  • Mil specs
  • What they are
  • Why they are so critical to follow
  • NEMA Specs
  • What is NEMA
  • What specs do they have for material and sheet size and thickness
  • Why those sheet sizes and thickness specs are critical to your customer
  • Applications
  • Markets

The following people will want to watch this presentation:

  • Inside Sales
  • Outside Sales
  • Business Development
  • Branch Managers

Mark Mush, National Sales Manager for Atlas Fibre Company, presents the webinar.


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