Webinar: Makrolon® Polycarbonate in Building / Construction
Webinar: Makrolon® Polycarbonate in Building / Construction

This product training webinar will provide an overview of the features and benefits of polycarbonate sheets in the building and construction market including the facts and figures that position plastic ahead of glass in these applications. The presentation will cover the various types of sheets, the difference in performance and applications in roofing and fenestration and offer ways to help you sell Makrolon® polycarbonate over glass to end users.

Lastly, the performance plastics industry demands for glazing materials in building and construction that are capable of balancing safety, security performance and daylighting, has evolved. This presentation will highlight how manufacturers are changing to meet the needs of this important marketplace.

Specifically, the webinar will detail the following: Industry History, Challenges and Threats Polycarbonate sheet types Building and Construction Applications: Roofing and Fenestration Polycarbonate vs. Glass Building Codes Advocacy Summary

This product training webinar will focus on one of the Top 26 Markets for Performance Plastics, Building and Construction and is great for those who work within this market or would like more information. Tom Niziolek is the architectural segment manager for Covestro LLC. The webinar is sponsored by Covestro LLC.

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