Webinar: Introduction to Performance Plastics
Webinar: Introduction to Performance Plastics

Presented by George Southard, CPMR, and Russ Consentino, CPMR

IAPD members are well-versed in the wide variety of plastics represented by our niche of the industry, but to the general public, plastics are plastics. Most people are unaware of the distinction between IAPD's plastics and disposable plastics, such as bags and bottles. They assume that all plastics are unhealthy to humans and harm the environment, without realizing the diversity of materials represented by the term "plastics" and how these materials improve our overall quality of life.

To help educate the public about the difference between IAPD's plastics and disposable plastics, IAPD has adopted the term "performance plastics" to describe the wide variety of durable plastics that IAPD members distribute, fabricate and manufacture.

As an introduction to the world of performance plastics, the Introduction to Performance Plastics webinar will cover the following:

  • The history of performance plastics
  • The difference between performance plastics and disposable plastics
  • The benefits/advantages of using performance plastics over other traditional materials (e.g., wood, metal and glass)
  • 7 questions to consider when selecting a material for you or your customer's design application

If you are new to the plastics industry or are a designer/material specifier and want more information about selecting performance plastics for your applications, this presentation is a can't-miss!

This "introductory-level" webinar is brought to you by the IAPD Education Committee as part of their commitment to educate and train plastics industry personnel, end users and the academic community.


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