Webinar: It's not Easy Choosing Green
Webinar: It's not Easy Choosing Green

Performance plastics are one of the most sustainable and "green" materials when selected properly and used responsibly. This presentation will compare performance plastics against other traditional materials such as metals, glass, ceramics, wood and rubber and will illustrate the undeniable value proposition that performance plastics have over these materials.

Attendees will learn the true impact of performance plastics on the environment, how performance plastics compare in recyclability to other materials, what applications are better suited to performance plastics to reduce the impact on the environment and where performance plastics have a much longer life to reduce waste.

Attendees may include:

  • Sales professionals
  • C-suite
  • Managers
  • Owners
  • Sustainability/environmental managers

This webinar is presented by Andy Fergurson, Angela Rodenburgh and Drew Schwartz and is brought to you by the IAPD Environmental Committee.


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