Webinar: Future of Leadership in the Performance Plastics
Previously Recorded Webinar

The Future of Leadership in the Performance Plastics Industry: Moving Toward a Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Leading Plastics Organizations

In the early days of the plastics industry, leaders were in many cases expected to focus solely on maximizing financial results without fully considering the effects of their decisions on their employees, suppliers and communities. Today, due to changes in the business environment, performance plastics industry professionals are increasingly becoming aware that this narrow focus is inadequate for achieving long-term sustainable performance and that a broader perspective is required. This presentation will discuss changes to the business environment that necessitate a multi-stakeholder approach to leading plastics organizations. This approach requires that leaders simultaneously focus on:

- Generating superior financial returns for investors
- Creating great buying experiences for customers
- Ensuring that suppliers benefit as a result of doing business with their organizations
- Being responsible stewards of the environment
- Supporting healthy communities
- Creating great career experiences for their employees

The presenter will offer that in order to do this effectively, plastics organizations will have to recruit and train leaders with different perspectives and competencies. This will require different thinking about what it means to "be the boss" in a performance plastics company.

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Keith Hechtel is Senior Director of Business Development for Curbell Plastics, Inc., located in Orchard Park, NY, USA. He has a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Saint Ambrose University, a Master of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Illinois State University and nearly 30 years of plastics industry experience. His doctoral research involved studying how social capital contributes to the career success of salespeople working in the plastics industry.