Webinar: PAEK: Characteristics, Properties and Applications
Previously Recorded Webinar

Applications for polymeric materials are getting harsher, which has increased the demand for more extreme materials. The polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family of thermoplastics can resist high temperatures and aggressive chemicals, exhibit low permeation and have outstanding mechanical properties. The PAEK family includes PEKK and PEEK polymers (in addition to others), but these are two very different materials. This webinar will outline PAEK technologies, their main characteristics and how tuning molecular structures can adjust properties for the final application. Multiple processing methods will also be discussed, showcasing how to make an array of diverse parts that enable many options for a variety of applications.

Presenter Bio
Jason Lyons is currently the business manager of the KepstanĀ® PEKK product line within the technical polymers division at Arkema. Prior to accepting this role, he was a research and development manager within the Arkema coating resins division working on the optimization of impact modifiers and process aids for various resin systems. His areas of expertise include polymer processing, impact modification theory and polymer mechanics. Jason received his B.S.E in textile engineering from Philadelphia University and his Ph.D. in materials engineering from Drexel University. To date, Jason has more than 30 publications and presentations with five issued patents and several others pending.

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