Webinar: Industrial Curtains
Previously Recorded Webinar

Industrial Curtains: How to Identify Applications and Become a Solution Provider

This webinar will give an overview of high density, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and polypropylene materials. Join us as we discuss how insulated curtains are used to help segregate a section of a warehouse to keep a temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical product cool in the summer time, how ash down/food grade curtains are used to help with USDA/FDA compliance in areas in which raw product are close by with other processes and the benefits such as sound abatement curtain used for a material grinder that lower the decibels in a factory to create a safety environment.

This informative program will also discuss:

- Examples of successful application stories.
- Experiences selling curtains in pharma, food, cold storage and manufacturing facilities.
- Choosing the right materials for the job.
- Questions to ask before the sale.
- How plastics can help with food grade compliance, FDA, NSF, 3ADairy and USDA.

We will discuss plastics that are durable and clean easily and how these can help organizations meet the CFR title 21 regulations cost justification of industrial curtains vs general construction.

Presenter Bio
Zac Adams is the gateway marketing solutions (GMS)/Senneca sales manager. Adams has worked in the material handling business for more than 10 years, starting as a sales representative with the Rite Hite network in which he regularly assisted customers with their zone works industrial curtain products. He then transitioned to GMS in which he began to represent TMI in 2017. His familiarity and success with industrial curtains as a distributor has strengthened his knowledge of the industry and products to a point where now his main objective is to train distribution on how to identify applications and become a solution provider for customer who may be unaware of the benefits of an industrial curtain.