Webinar: Phenolic and Glass Cloth Based Thermoset Materials
Previously Recorded Webinar

Thermoset materials are uniformly dense, solid materials which are produced by the application of heat and pressure to layers of paper, cotton or glass fabric impregnated with a synthetic resin. They are extremely versatile because of their unusual combination of properties. All grades are light in weight (about half the weight of aluminum), dense, structurally strong, resistant to moisture and none will soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat.

No one grade can possess all the properties desirable for all applications, therefore in this webinar we will discuss phenolic and glass cloth based thermoset materials, including:

• An overview of the manufacturing process
• The technical aspects of the two types of thermosets
- Phenolic: Paper (XX, XXX), Linen L & LE and Canvas C & CE
- Glass Epoxies: G-10, FR4, G-11, G-9, G-7, G-3
• Selling into various markets, such as
- Machine shops
- Power generation
- Electrical equipment
- Aerospace & Defense
- Knife handles