WEBINAR: Securing Your Business
WEBINAR: Securing Your Business
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Securing Your Business: Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges

Hear from cyber experts from Fishtech Group for an interactive discussion on how non-experts can tackle some of today’s security challenges. How can your company minimize risk, maintain compliance and increase efficiency in an ever-evolving cyber landscape? Join former Global CISO of Wal-Mart and current EVP, COO, CISO of Fishtech Group Kerry Kilker, CTO Dan Thormodsgaard and CCO Chuck Crawford as they discuss current, real-world success stories and best practices designed to educate and illuminate how you and your road warriors can leverage technology without compromising your network security.

Topics include:

- What phishing looks like and how to train your staff to identify and resist a phishing attack
- How ransomware attacks happen and what you can do to prevent it
- Tips for travelers and those working remotely to keep their devices secured