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Introduction to Plastics

IAPD’s Introduction to Plastics is the one resource every plastics
professional should have regardless of your level of experience. It’s an invaluable reference tool you will refer to often. The 11th Edition has been released and features extensive updates to all of the chapters, as well as a new chapter on plastic tubing. It is a must-have resource for everyone in your office.

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The IAPD Plastics Primer: Self-Study Edition

Whether you’re looking for an introduction or a refresher on today’s plastics, this new self-study edition of the IAPD Plastics Primer is designed with you in mind. We’ve taken IAPD’s most popular training manual, and we’ve made it even better. It’s now an interactive CD-ROM, which includes narration. The format allows users to work at their own pace while also engaging them.

The primer covers three areas:

Module 1: Introduction to Materials, Processes and Properties
Module 2: Materials and Applications
Module 3: Sales and Salesmanship

Each module is packed with information and includes a post-test to review what was learned. This new edition of the Primer is an excellent resource for those who are preparing for the IAPD Plastics Certificate program and also makes a great desktop reference.

Member Price: $119. Nonmember Price: $159.

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The IAPD Plastics Primer: Self-Study Edition

Free Resources from IAPD

IAPD members may reproduce the following IAPD materials for internal use only. Anything reproduced in print or electronically must include “Reprinted with permission. © 2009 International Association of Plastics Distribution”. No item may be used for commercial purposes, unless a written agreement is in place. Contact IAPD for details.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, IAPD assumes no responsibility for the content of it, but instead offers it as an educational tool to anyone working with plastics.

The IAPD Rectangle

This excellent employee reference tool is a must, and now it's FREE! On one side, there is a list of thermoplastics broken out by type and characteristics, and the other side includes IAPD members' most commonly used thermoplastics in property comparison graphs.

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IAPD members may publish the IAPD Rectangle on their own web sites or print for their customers or employees. You must keep IAPD's logo and contact information, but you may add your own company logo. Before posting, please submit the updated document to Wess Hudelson at for IAPD approval.

The IAPD Rectangle

IAPD Property Tables

Download the IAPD Property Tables directly from IAPD's popular Introduction to Plastics now for free! ASTM and ISO standards are both available for your convenience. If you like what you see, be sure to order the book for easy access to the property tables, as well as information regarding properties and applications for the different materials.


The IAPD Magazine

IAPD's semi-monthly publication is now available free online. View the current issue at While there, you can sign up for a free online subscription!