March 2014

Polyurethane Composites Lighten Photovoltaic Mobile Electric Generator



In the event of a disaster or need for power at a remote location, the Sun Commander® Series 8000 can be deployed in under an hour, pulled behind a standard 3/4-ton pick-up truck to the site.

When a strong storm, natural disaster or even manmade event strikes, homes and businesses often lose electricity. While restoring power is always a top priority, the length of a power outage sometimes extends beyond just a few hours to days or even weeks. To help address this problem, Day & Night Solar’s (DNS) Sun Commander® Series 8000, a solar photovoltaic (PV) mobile electric generator with on-grid and off-grid capabilities, can provide power before, during and after an outage. The frame of this innovative solar solution is formed from polyurethane composites via pultrusion, a continuous, costefficient process, using a polyurethane system that features renewable raw materials. This pultruded polyurethane composite enabled DNS to reduce the weight of the Sun Commander Series 8000 by ½ ton.

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February 2014

"Thermoplastic Composites are Lightening Aircraft"
January 2014
Food & Beverage

"Stock Shape Plastics: Innovation for the Food Industry"
December 2013
Plastics & Mining

"Mining for Safety with Plastics"
November 2013
Plastics & Agricultural Applications

"Uses of UHMW-PE: From the Fields to the Grain Elevatorn"

October 2013
Plastics and Chemical Applications

"Transparent Armor Glazing Solutions for Increased Protection"
September 2013
Plastics & Security

"Transparent Armor Glazing Solutions for Increased Protection"
August 2013
Plastics & Automotive

"Reinventing Automobiles with
High-Performance Polymers"

July 2013
Plastics &Recreation

"Roller Coasters: A Thrill of a Lifetimes"
June 2013
Plastics & Signage

"LEDs Advance Plastics Evolution for Signs"
May 2013
Plastics & Medical Applications

"Application Development in the Medical Industry"
April 2013
Plastics & the Environment

"Plastics Help Reshape the Energy Landscapey"
March 2013
Manufacturing Plants

"PP Piping Systems Solve Corrosion Problems in Steel Manufacturing Plants"
February 2013
Plastics In Architecture

"Trenchless Piping and Plastics"
December 2012
Heavy Construction Applications

"Cast Nylon in Heavy Construction"
November 2012
Plastics In Architecture

"Cast Nylon in Heavy Construction"
October 2012
Polyesters in Plastics

"Copolyester reaches new heights of style and design"
September 2012

"Defining Bioplastic Terminology"
August 2012
Transforming Public Art with HDPE

"Defining Bioplastic Terminology"
July 2012
Acetal in Food Processing Equipment

"Acetal in Food Processing
June 2012
Reaching the PEEK of Lightweight Aerospace Solutions

"Reaching the PEEK of Lightweight Aerospace Solutions"
May 2012
Safe and smooth trucking with UHMW-PE

"Safe and Smooth Trucking with Plastics"


May 2011
Focus: Cast Nylons

"Evolution of the Art of Casting Nylons"

April 2011
Focus: Chemical Process Applications
"Revisiting Chemical Process Applications"

March 2011
Focus: Critical Energy Industry Requirements
"PTFE Helps Advance Critical Energy Industry Requirements "
February 2011
Focus: Acrylic

" Use of Acrylic for Suspended Cultural Artwork"
December 2010
Focus: Medical

"Market for medical plastics to grow"
October 2010
Focus: High-Performance Plastics

"PEEK properties meet wide spectrum of high-performance requirements"
September 2010
Focus: Plastics Machining

"Machinable engineering plastics offer unique solutions for aerospace"
August 2010
Focus: Polycarbonate

"Gaining recogniation as superior glazing material?"
June 2010
Focus: Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Plastics

"Application of extruded and compression molded PP sheets"
May 2010

"Tubing — the stepchild of plastics shapes!"
April 2010
Focus: UHMW-PE

"Addressing questions and statements about UHMW–PE"
March 2010
Focus: Fabrication

"The fabricator's mind and role in material selection"
February 2010
Focus: Nylon and Acetal

"Machining nylon and acetal"
January 2010
Focus: Acrylic

"Lighting up Mr. Chow Restaurant"

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December 2009
Focus: Transportation

"Polycarbonate dash dial in VW Golf saves materials and labor"
November 2009
Focus: Signs

"Signage for exhibits"
October 2009
Focus: Safety and Security

"Laminated polycarbonate sheet provides high level security"
September 2009
Focus: Recreation

"Plastic materials surround you"
August 2009
Focus: P-O-P Displays

"Acrylic sheet product streamlines P-O-P fabrication"
July 2009
Focus: Natural Disasters

"Hurricane protection for your home"

June 2009
Focus: Medical

"Extruded thermoplastics
in the operating room"

May 2009
Focus: Government and Military
"Proven performance for safety and protection"

April 2009
Focus: Glazing
"Transparent armor glazing solutions for increased protection"
March 2009
Focus: Food Processing
"Food industry opportunities"
February 2009
Focus: Construction

"Hotel developer chooses CPVC for water distribution system"
January 2009
Focus: Agriculture
"Urethane wiper improves scraper systems used in free stall barns"

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December 2008
Focus: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
"The unsung hero of high-performance thermoplastics"
November 2008
Focus: Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)
"Revisiting chemical process applications"
October 2008
Focus: PETG Copolyester
"Selecting plastic materials for machine guards and safety shielding"
September 2008
Focus: HDPE
"High density polyethylene sign board"
August 2008
Focus: PP
"Polypropylene in the operating room"
July 2008
Focus: PVC
"Clear PVC — the clear advantage"
June 2008
Focus: PTFE
"The ins and outs of standard fluoroplastic convoluted tubing"
May 2008
Focus: Polycarbonate
"Laminated polycarbonate sheet provides high level security"
April 2008
Focus: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW PE)
"Higher operating temperature UHMW-PE is no fairy tale"
March 2008
Focus: Plastic Pipe, Valves and Fittings
"EPA Compliance Problem Solved Without Disrupting Manufacturing Production"
February 2008
Focus: Cast Nylons
"Roller Coasters: a Thrill of a Lifetime "
January 2008
Focus: Acrylic
"Frosted acrylic sheet helps OfficeMax shine "