May 2010 | Focus: Plastics Tubing

Zeus tubing for water handling applications.

Tubing — the stepchild of plastics shapes!
This often ignored plastics shapes is useful for multiple applications in a variety of materials. Find out the most popular materials, and how seven questions can help you find the material that meets your needs. Read more.

With its superb stress-crack resistance, Hudson Extrusions’ linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing is ideal for applications requiring low-temperature flexibility and durability. LLDPE tubing is widely used in transporting air, water and chemicals.

Characteristics of common thermoplastic tubing
As the name indicates, thermoplastic means it is temperature sensitive. In other words, when at lower temperatures the material gets stiff and contracts, while at higher temperatures it gets soft and expands. Plastic tubing, therefore, can change in ID, OD and length as temperatures increase and decrease. Find out what this can mean for your applications. Read more.

Chemfluor® FEP tubing and rod manufactured by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

The “STAMP” tubing selection guide
When selecting tubing, use the acronym “STAMP” (size, temperature, application, media and pressure) to make the process as simple as possible. Read more.

ClearFLEX™ 65 PVC tubing is flexible, easy to install, and resistant to petroleum-based products.

Tubing selection tips for trouble-free performance
It’s probably one of the least expensive components in your product. In many cases, it isn’t even visible. But if leak-free liquid transfer is part of your design, the tubing you select is critical to overall performance. And if you’ve selected the wrong type of tubing, you will have problems. Read more for five tips that will help you select the best tubing to meet your needs.

Coretec™ tubes, rods, cores and pipes are profile extruded solid and hollow shafts up to 12'' in diameter. DelStar Technologies, Inc. (CoreTec) offers center tubes for reverse osmosis water filters as well as medical tubing.

Choosing the right plastic tubing supplier
All plastic tubing is not created equal. Finding the right supplier is often one of the most critical steps to ensuring your end-product performance. A good plastic tubing supplier must understand not only their customer’s end-use requirement, but the role that their product plays in that application. First and foremost, if your application has high-performance requirements, you want to make sure that your supplier has a broad knowledge of plastic material characteristics. Read more.

Test Your Knowledge

What do you know about plastics tubing? (Answers are at www.iapd.org/popquiz.html.)

1. Which material is the best choice for flexible tubing?

b. nylon 6/6
c. polycarbonate

2. In tubing applications, hoop strength translates mostly to:

a. burst safety factor
b. puncture strength
c. burst pressure
d. inside diameter

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Tubing — the stepchild of plastics shapes!
There are many applications in a variety of materials for this often forgotten plastics shape.

Characteristics of common thermoplastic tubing
Knowing the characteristics of your material will help you select the best material, saving time and money.

The “STAMP” tubing selection guide
Designing your fluid system is easy with the acronym "STAMP."

Tubing selection tips for trouble-free performance
Five tips to eliminate problems in tubing applications.

Choosing the right plastic tubing supplier
Know your supplier has a broad knowledge of plastic materials and characteristics.

Test your knowledge
What do you know about plastic tubing?

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