December 2012

Cast Nylon in Heavy Construction
Nylatech Outrigger pads in use, supporting a large rig.

Among the many industries well served by cast nylon components, heavy construction is one of the most benefited. Parts machined or fabricated from cast nylon are light weight and corrosion resistant. Cast nylon’s excellent load bearing capability, wear resistance and impact resistance make it ideal for demanding construction environments. As a material of proven value in the field, cast nylon is found in a large variety of equipment in numerous components. Learn more.


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Cast Nylon in Heavy Construction
Machining Nylon and Acetal
Let the light in with plastics in architecture

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Machining Nylon and Acetal

Nylon and acetal have a proven, successful performance record in a variety of diverse engineering applications, making these two materials the workhorses of the engineering plastics groups. The following paragraphs offer an introduction to the basic properties of nylon and acetal which may be relevant to machinists and fabricators. Machining offers many advantages to part designers. Machining nylon and acetal parts not only offer the economic advantages of providing parts in small or intermediate quantities but also allow design freedoms that can only be met by machining.

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Technical Advisory: Nylon and Cast Nylon

Nylons (polyamide or PA) were the first of the thermoplastic engineering resins. These crystalline plastics are available in many compositions, ranging from molding and extrusion materials to solution and fluidized bed coatings and casting resins. Nylon 6/6, the most widely used of the nylon plastics, is available in a number of formulations for molding and extrusion.

The nylon monomer casting process differs from injection molding or extrusion in that it produces a product by anoinic polymerization right in the mold, whereas extrusion and molding processes simply reshape a pre-polymerized resin. This process of polymerizing in the mold produces a material with higher molecular weight and crystallinity, and therefore, better dimensional stability, easier machining and higher compressive and tensile strengths than those achieved by extruding or molding.

• For more information, see Introduction to Plastics, the IAPD guide to plastic materials and applications.

Let the light in with plastics in architecture

Maximize natural light without compromising material strength, energy savings, design possibilities and fire resistance with plastics in building applications.

Did you know that polycarbonate has an impact strength that is 200 times stronger than glass and 10 times stronger than acrylic?

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Introduction to Plastics is more than an introduction
It's everything you need to know about more than 50 plastic materials commonly used today in industry, signage and visual merchandising, building and construction, and pipe, valves and fittings. This book provides such details about plastics as:

  • Their comparative properties
  • How they're made
  • Appropriate applications
  • Processing and fabrication techniques

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