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Editorial Policy for IAPD Magazine Departments

Interested in getting your news in The IAPD Magazine? We welcome your press releases. Just follow these simple guidelines:

People & Places
The People & Places section is the place to publicize personnel moves such as new hires, promotions, retirements and so on. It’s also the place to share news about your company with the rest of the industry, such as relocating to a new location, receiving an accolade or reaching a milestone of some sort. People & Places announcements are usually approximately 150 words or less. When sending news about a person, please include a passport‐style photo to accompany the announcement. The photo should have a vertical orientation, include head and shoulders only, have a plain background and be high resolution for best results. We can work with most graphic image types, but please do not send a photo that has been embedded in a Word document because those images are usually too low resolution.

Product Showcase
The Product Showcase section is the best department for announcements about new and innovative products from IAPD member companies. Please include details about availability. We’re also happy to run a photo of your new product (space permitting). Product Showcase announcements tend to run 150‐200 words and will include your company’s website.

Application Showcase
The Application Showcase section is the place to share the innovative uses of IAPD member companies’ plastics products. If your products are being used in exciting and/or different ways, let us know!

Application Showcase announcements are approximately 200 words and we welcome your photos.

Editorial Guidelines
IAPD headquarters staff reserves the right to edit press releases for space and content. We will do our best to ensure that your original intention is preserved during the editing process. There is a limit of one photo per announcement in the People & Places, Product Showcase and Application Showcase departments. You are welcome to send more than one photo, but space considerations limits us to only using one photo per announcement (space permitting). We usually receive more press releases than we can use in each issue, so for the best chance of being included please send your announcements prior to the Space Deadline as printed in the magazine media kit. Please read on if you are interested in submitting a Special Feature article.

Special Feature Articles
Special Feature articles are the place to demonstrate your expertise in your part of the plastics industry.
The Special Feature articles must be educational in nature and not commercialized. No trade names may be used in the article itself, but you are entitled to include photos of applications and/or products relevant to the article. In the photo captions you are entitled to include proprietary trade names. The word count for Special Feature articles is between 800‐1,500 words. Deadlines are usually 10‐14 days before the Space Deadline. Contact IAPD as soon as possible if you are interested in contributing a Special Feature article so space can be reserved for it. In addition to reserving the right to edit it, the Editorial Committee reviews all Special Feature articles and may have further requests for authors based on that review.

Questions? Please contact Liz Novak, IAPD Managing Editor, at



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