Women in Plastics 2020 Virtual Event Series

September 23, 2020

1:00 p.m. Central (2:00 p.m. Eastern/ 11:00 a.m. Pacific)

Women and men are welcome to attend.

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Join Women in Plastics for virtual learning and connecting on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 from the comfort of your own computer.

This virtual event will feature:

  • Learn three fresh new ways creativity can close sales
  • Leave with actionable tools for effective growth
  • Explore tips for how creativity helps deal with change

Keynote Speaker

September 23, 2020

1:00 p.m. Central (2:00 p.m. Eastern/ 11:00 a.m. Pacific)

The Creator Mindset: How to be More Creative at Work

Presented by Nir Bashan


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Discover three creative tools that you can use today to re-learn your long lost creativity and gain a true sense of who we are: Humor, Don’t R.U.S.T. and The 4 P’s of Creativity.

That creativity can tap into making more sales, adding meaning to your job or business and positioning you in unique and creative ways.  

Learning Objective

  • Learn three fresh new ways creativity can close sales
  • Leave with actionable tools for effective growth
  • Explore tips for how creativity helps deal with change

About Nir Bashan

Nir Bashan is a world-renowned creativity expert. He has taught thousands of leaders and individuals around the globe how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales and ultimately create more meaning in their work. Nir has spent the last two decades working on a formula to codify creativity. Nir lives in Orlando, FL, USA with his wife, young son and two Bernedoodles. 

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Upcoming Virtual Events

October 14, 2020

1:00 p.m. Central (2:00 p.m. Eastern/ 11:00 a.m. Pacific)

Drive Your Business Results by Sponsoring and Mentoring Women

Presented by Rania Anderson


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About Rania Anderson
Rania Anderson is a global expert on the practical actions that men and women can take to accelerate their success.

As an international keynote speaker at corporations, conferences and universities, Anderson shows success-minded men and women how to advance, work and lead together.

With a refreshingly direct approach, Anderson identifies overlooked opportunities, shares breakthrough insights and provides tangible, evidence-based advice for men and women to immediately adopt.

November 11, 2020

1:00 p.m. Central (2:00 p.m. Eastern/ 11:00 a.m. Pacific)

The Psychology of Success:  3 Steps to Massive Business Growth

Presented by Dr. Erin Oksol


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In this session, you will learn:

  • How to find your mission; get on mission and stay on mission
  • The psychological importance of finding your “why”
  • The high-performance habits of highly successful people
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • How to overcome fear, obstacles and distractions so you can accomplish your goals
About Dr. Erin Oksol
Dr. Erin Oksol is an award-winning international speaker and trainer, high performance sales and business strategist, psychologist, four-times #1 best-selling author and a top producer in the world’s leading company in DNA health and wellness. 

Dr. Oksol has taken the world by storm with her high-energy events, science-backed business coaching and training seminars, working with companies across the United States, including Microsoft and Facebook.  

Awarded the 2018 Saleswoman of the Year and Nevada’s Top 20 Most Powerful Women, Dr. Oksol helps individuals and organizations be the best.  

With 15 years and more than 15,000 hours of clinical experience as a psychologist and coach, she brings her expertise in human behavior and the neuroscience of high performance to help individuals and organizations supercharge their sales, income and impact.  

December 9, 2020

1:00 p.m. Central (2:00 p.m. Eastern/ 11:00 a.m. Pacific)

DNA of High Achievers – Develop the Mindset, Discipline, Habits and Game Plan to Reach Your Next Level

Presented by Betsy Allen-Manning


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We all know deep down what it takes to be successful, but most people struggle with staying committed to daily practices, overcoming obstacles and beating procrastination ... or they lack the confidence to achieve their next level. There are a select few, however, that have broken the mold to reach their full potential. They’re known as high achievers. Through Allen-Manning’s research, she’s discovered a six-step formula you can use to become more focused, disciplined and successful. This formula is wired ONLY into the DNA of those who are fully committed to their next level in life. This presentation is for you if you’re ready to gain momentum, feel more confident, turn obstacles into opportunities, follow through with an ALL-IN mentality and finally CRUSH YOUR GOALS!

In this session, you will learn

  • Discover the three types of mentalities people have when setting goals and how this alone determines your success or failure.
  • Use the three most important time management strategies to remain focused and stay on track.
  • Apply Allen-Manning’s REAP Method™ for deconstructing your goals so you have a clear path and strategies for reaching them.
  • Understand how to tap into your greatest strengths to accelerate your success and become aware of the blind spots that are potentially holding you back.
  • Learn the #1 skill that determines 85 percent of your success and the #1 habit you need to break immediately if you want a successful outcome.
About Betsy Allen-Manning
Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and TEDx, Betsy Allen-Manning is founder of the consulting firm, Motiv8u Enterprises. With an expertise in human behavior, Allen-Manning is honored to have trained more than 7,500 leaders and teams for small businesses, franchises and associations, to multi-billion dollar corporations, such as Toshiba, Fidelity, Six Flags and The U.S. Dept. of Defense. An author of three books, Allen-Manning’s mission is to develop the Impact Leader in everyone so they can live a more successful and significant life.


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