Out with the old, in with connecX

Why Attend connecX?

Based on extensive research and input from IAPD members and convention attendees, IAPD is excited to continue to improve and elevate its Annual Convention to the next level. connecX is the solution to streamline the way you connect with your suppliers and partners at the IAPD Annual Convention. 

IAPD connecX takes what you already enjoy about private meetings and the trade show and builds on it. Now, there are even more opportunities to meet with new and existing connections.


What is the difference between the traditional trade show and connecX?

connecX combines traditional elements of a trade show — walk-by traffic, with the demand for more one-on-one private meetings with exhibitors.

The benefits of the connecX approach will fill the gap that’s missing if you aren’t engaged in private supplier meetings, such as:

  • Smaller manufacturers can get face time with distributors.
  • Smaller distributors can get face time with larger suppliers.
  • Larger distributors have dedicated time to meet with manufacturers they do not see during private supplier meetings.
  • Other suppliers can invite targeted customers to meet them at their booth.

Bottom line – attend connecX if you want:

  • More opportunities to connect with new and existing suppliers.
  • To learn about new products.
  • To see potential business partners, you wouldn’t usually have a chance to meet with.


Why Attend